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Potential Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning System Is Producing Musty Air

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Australia's balmy summers and tropical weather patterns may be the envy of many but the blistering heat of the summer can make even the most outdoorsy person seek shelter indoors. Once the sun is beating down with scorching rays of heat, spending time outside can prove to be a herculean task. So the last thing one would want is to feel suffocated in their own home.

Yet, it seems that when you need your air conditioning most is when it develops issues with cooling your home. And one common complaint that homeowners tend to have is the production of warm air instead of refreshingly cool air that they so desperately need. So why is your air conditioning system producing musty air?

1. Undetected refrigerant leak

Beyond question, the most common reason why your air conditioning system will stop producing cool air and replace this with warm air is when there is insufficient refrigerant circulating through the system. If you overlook routine air conditioning servicing, you likely will be operating this system with low refrigerant levels and this will cause the AC to emit stale air that has not undergone any cooling.

In other cases, though, you may find that despite your efforts of keeping the refrigerant replenished, the system still produces warm and sometimes musty-smelling air. Usually, this will signal that the system has sprung a leak, causing the refrigerant to deplete at an accelerated rate. Enlisting the services of an AC expert imperative as they will not only locate the leak but they will identify the cause so that they can prevent this issue from recurring down the road.

2. Compromised ductwork

The second most common cause of warm air coming from an AC system is operating a unit with compromised ductwork. Not many homeowners pay attention to their ducts since these structures merely direct the cool air to the various parts of the home rather than produce it. However, if these ducts are not maintained, they will begin to deteriorate prematurely and this, in turn, will affect the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Firstly, the ducts can develop cracks and other forms of damage that will cause the cooled air to seep out before it is circulated in the home. Hence, you may begin to notice that your AC's airflow is weakening on a gradual basis.

Secondly, damages in the ductwork allow for grime and other contaminants to form blockages in the system. The contaminants not only pollute the cooled air but clog the compressor and other internal components of the AC, causing it to overheat and produce warm air. Scheduling an air conditioning inspection and ductwork repairs immediately is critical if you are to restore functioning to the system.