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4 Reasons to Choose Wall-Mounted Air Conditioning Over Window-Mounted

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Any type of air conditioning is going to help keep your property nice and cool, even during the hottest summer days, but it still pays to compare all your options. For many people, the most fundamental decision is between a wall-mounted unit or a window-mounted unit. Wall-mounted air conditioning systems require a little more time to install and are generally a bit more expensive, but they offer compelling benefits that still make them a much better option than window units for most people.

Here are just four reasons why it's usually better to pick wall-mounted air conditioning.

1. Won't Block Your Window

One of the most obvious downsides of window-mounted air conditioning systems is that they block a large part of your window. Many people dislike the way this looks, especially as the air conditioning unit starts to age. Additionally, a window-mounted unit will block part of your view and prevent natural light from entering your property. In contrast, a wall-mounted unit will not block your view and will be far less visually obtrusive.

2. Added Efficiency

Another issue with window-mounted air conditioners is that they tend to be less efficient. This is largely because leaks and gaps often develop around the window frame where they are installed, so cool air can escape. This shouldn't be an issue with wall units since they will fit perfectly and allow very little air to leak out. As such, window units usually need to run far longer than wall units to keep a room cool. If you want to keep energy costs under control, it's best to go for a wall-mounted air conditioning system.

3. Less Noise

No air conditioning unit is going to run without making any noise at all, but wall-mounted units tend to be far quieter than window-mounted units. That's because many of the parts that produce noise are going to be concealed behind your wall, whereas everything is in the same room when you opt for a window unit. This is going to be a particular concern if you're a light sleeper or are simply easily distracted.

4. No Security Risk

Finally, it's worth keeping in mind that window-mounted air conditioning units can be security risks, especially when you live on the ground floor. If that's the case, there are a few security precautions you'll want to take, and it may be best to remove the unit entirely if you'll be away from home for a few days. Wall-mounted air conditioning units don't create any security risks, so they tend to offer better peace of mind.

For more information, reach out to an air conditioning service near you.