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Tips For Maximizing The Efficiency Of Your Residential Ducted Air Conditioning System

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For homes with HVAC ductwork already installed, adding a ducted air conditioning system is an easy choice. With a ducted air conditioner, cool air from a central unit is circulated throughout your home via a series of ducts. This allows for efficient air distribution within the entire home. 

Both the central equipment and the ductwork that delivers refreshing air to the various rooms in your house are located in an inconspicuous place. In fact, the AC vents are the only part of a ducted air conditioning system that remain visible in your house interior. These vents have an industrial look but can blend in nicely with the surrounding wall and ceiling paint.

While a ducted air conditioner lets you quietly, inconspicuously and effectively take control of your indoor climate, system inefficiencies can creep in due to different reasons. Here are some important tips to help ensure your residential ducted air conditioning system runs as efficiently as possible.

Choose the proper size ducted unit for your home.

Every home has a unique cooling load, so the first step in ensuring the efficient operation of your duct air conditioner is to establish the correct size unit for your home. 

Choosing a ducted AC unit that is too large for your home will increase your domestic energy consumption due to the extra cooling capacity. An undersized unit, on the other hand, will have to work extra hard to maintain the desired room temperatures, causing your energy bill to go up. 

Hire a professional for your ducted system AC installation.

The quality of a ducted system AC installation has implications for indoor air quality, home comfort and energy expenses. Errors and inaccuracies associated with your AC installation job can result in inefficiency issues with your space-cooling system.

The best way to avoid such inefficiencies is to let a professional HVAC contractor handle your residential AC installation job. A professional will bring the specialised knowledge, skills, and tools required to install your ducted unit properly. 

Take proper care of your ducted AC unit.

Even properly installed ducted air conditioners can develop problems over time. The presence of leaks in the ducts can cause your ducted unit to lose some heat and result in a reduction in indoor comfort. Refrigerant leaks and faulty AC components can also hurt the overall performance of your cooling equipment, leading to further energy wastages.

Ensuring your ducted system is regularly checked by an AC specialist is essential for identifying and fixing problems that may keep the system from running at peak efficiency.

Contact an HVAC technician near you for all your ducted aircon and other residential AC needs.