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Should you fit a ducted heating system?

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How do you keep your home at the right temperature? Some homes rely on a traditional wood heater to maintain the temperature during the cooler months. Other homeowners will use gas central heating, but there is an alternative. One of the most popular heating options in Australian homes is ducted heating.

What is ducted heating?

Ducted gas heating works by drawing air through a fan. The air is then warmed by circulating near a heat exchange. Once the air has been warmed, it is moved around your property using the ducts.

What are the advantages of ducted heating?

The key benefit of ducted heating is that it will maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home, but there are plenty of other reasons to consider choosing ducted heating over alternative options. One of the most significant is the flexibility such a system offers. Once ducted heating is correctly installed, it will allow you to cool or heat specific rooms depending on what your needs may be at the time, making it one of the most efficient heating systems available.

Caring for your ducted heating system

As with any system in your home, regular servicing is essential to make certain that it will continue to operate safely and correctly. While most ducted heating systems will work without a lot of maintenance, it is still important to have a regular service completed to pick up any faults which may be developing. Identifying these faults at an early stage will stop them growing and eventually causing your ducted heating system to fail when you need it to keep your home warm. By scheduling regular servicing to take place at least yearly, you will also help to improve the air quality in your home since even small faults could contaminate the air and then circulate that air throughout your property.

Working with a service engineer

When you need to arrange for regular servicing of your ducted heating system, you must work with a professional engineer who possesses the correct level of experience and training to carry out the work. A good engineer will be able to identify faulty components and parts which are becoming worn out. They will examine the filters to see if they are in need of cleaning and carry out whatever repairs and cleaning may be necessary. To find out more about looking after your heating system, give an engineer a call today.