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4 important tips to ensure a successful air conditioning installation

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If you're looking for a new air conditioning unit for your home, attention to detail will be critical. Installing a new AC is a multi-faceted process that involves ductwork, fans, condensers, air filters, vents, and much more. Therefore, working with the right contractor will ensure a successful installation process.

Homeowners should avoid taking shortcuts when having a new AC put in place. Simple actions such as under-sizing your ducts or installing a small fan can cause a spike in your cooling costs.

To avoid these challenges, here are 4 essential tips to keep in mind as your unit is being installed.

Get an air conditioner of the right size

Undersized ACs are the most common cause of high utility bills and discomfort in your home. While a smaller unit will cost less, you may end up paying more to keep it running. This is because the AC will take a longer time to cool your home, resulting in uneven temperatures in various parts of your premises.

Before choosing an air conditioning unit, consult a reputable contractor to inspect your home. They should determine how much air needs to be delivered into each room, and how you can best maximise on installation costs. In particular, you'll need a condenser coil, fan, and refrigerant volume of the right capacity for your premises.  

Don't forget your ductwork

Your ducts are the primary vehicles through which air flows into every room. Therefore, ensure that your ductwork is delivering enough air whenever the AC is running.

The first step is to have air ducts cut to the right size. Your HVAC contractor should calculate the volume of airflow that's needed in each part of your home before proceeding. This crucial process will achieve a proper balance between incoming air and the level of comfort you'll experience during cold/hot days.    

Have enough vents to avoid hot spots

Even with the most efficient ductwork, you won't be able to enjoy cool air without proper vents. Vents ensure that air travelling in your ductwork ends up where it should, with minimal disruptions.

Unfortunately, most homes don't have enough vents installed. You may find that a large room only has one vent, which is clogged with dirt and debris. Ensure that all your vents are repaired and unblocked during installation. You may also need to install new vents to get rid of hot spots in various sections of your home.     

For more information, reach out to an air conditioning installation specialist.