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How your food processing facility can use walk-in coolers to save on costs

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Food processing facilities face unique challenges. They often need to handle large quantities of food (including perishable items). These items also need to remain fresh, from the time they're produced until they end up in retail stores or in customers' homes. Because you will often deal with large amounts of perishables, you need a refrigeration solution that offers enough capacity for your daily needs.

A simple refrigerator is not convenient enough to facilitate your operations. In fact, your best bet is to use a walk-in cooler (or customised cool room) for storing perishables before they're shipped out. A walk-in cooler can allow you to save on operational costs in the following ways.  

1. A large temperature range for many different food types

As a food processor, you will often need a wide variety of temperatures for your food items. Some products may require freezing at below zero, while others may simply need to be placed in a 4-degree Celsius cooler.

A walk-in cooler can be set to achieve a wide range of temperatures for your food processing needs. With the right conditions for a wide range of items, you can save on the cost of having to outsource your refrigeration needs.

2. Using energy efficiency models

Many newer models of refrigeration products are designed to be energy efficient. This means that they can keep your food items at the right temperature without driving up your utility bills. But what makes a walk-in cooler energy efficient?

First off, such coolers use a highly efficient condenser to produce and channel cold air into the cooler. They can also suck out warm air and pass it over a refrigerant fluid to produce more cold air for recycling into the cooling unit.

3. Advanced condensing systems that keep your supplies fresh

Coolers also come with condensing units that are capable of producing and recycling cold air efficiently. There may be multiple condensing units on a single machine, with one being indoors and the other one outdoors.

By keeping your supplies fresh for longer, you will have more time to arrange for the distribution of your food items to various customers (saving money in the process).

4. Extended warranty to minimise maintenance costs

Walk-in coolers also come with extended manufacturer warranties. These warranties cover you against any costly repairs you would otherwise have to incur if your cooler were to break down. And by keeping your appliances in good condition, your food items will also remain fresh until they reach their final destination.