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3 Reasons Why Split Systems Are Your Ideal Home Cooling Solution

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Air conditioning units are some of the most significant appliances you should have in your home. Their role in making your home more comfortable in hot weather is invaluable. However, not every air conditioning system will work for your home. You need to choose one that is best suited for your home's heating and cooling needs. Among the major options you will come across are the more traditional centralised air conditioning units and their split system counterparts. Split systems have an indoor and outdoor unit. The outdoor unit houses the compressor while the indoor unit has components such as the evaporator and the fan. Investing in a split system unit comes with many benefits. Here are a few.

Split Systems Are More Energy Efficient

Air conditioning systems rely on electricity to run. Therefore, unless you are ready to deal with high energy bills at the end of every month, you have to invest in the most energy efficient unit. Split systems tend to have greater energy efficiency than their centralised counterparts. That's because centralised air conditioning systems have ducts. Heat exchange in those ducts, as well as leakage issues, can contribute to a great amount of heat or energy loss, affecting the efficiency of the system.

Installation of Split System Is Easier and More Cost-Effective

The installation stage of your air conditioning system is also a significant aspect to think about when planning to buy one. First, that's because proper installation is key to the efficient functioning of your air conditioning unit. Therefore, you must ensure that it's done by professionals. Also, depending on the type of air conditioning unit you choose, installation can be quite a costly affair. Compared to centralised units, less work is involved in the installation of split systems. That's because the ducts needed to install a centralised system tend to be long as well as expensive, which can increase your overall installation costs dramatically. With split systems, only a small connector -usually a cable and some tubing- is needed to connect the indoor and outdoor units.

Split Systems Come with Greater Versatility and Flexibility

Split systems are more versatile than other types of air conditioning systems, particularly window units in the sense that you can install them almost anywhere. Regarding flexibility, split air conditioning units allow you to supply individual rooms with their own cooling units. You can split the rooms or cooling areas of your home into different zones each with its own thermostat. This is not only flexible but also energy efficient because it allows you to only cool the rooms that are in use.