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Why You Should Install Whole House Air Filtration

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Are you planning to upgrade your current air conditioning system? Read on and discover some of the key reasons why you should install a whole-house filtration system instead of continuing to use portable air filters.

Quieter Operation

Portable air filters normally emit a lot of noise as they work. This noise can be a major inconvenience if you would like a quiet living space. Even filters that are rated as silent will still emit some noticeable noise due to their proximity to the occupants of a room. You can get rid of the noise problem by installing a whole-house filtration system when you buy a new AC unit for your home. Such a unit will be integrated into the AC system so that no additional noise is introduced into your home.

Multiple-Room Impact

Portable filters only filter the air within the room where the filter has been installed. This leaves your family members exposed to air contaminants, such as pollen and pet dander, when they are in the other parts of the home. The only way to provide all-round protection from those contaminants is by getting a filtration system that will work on the air in the entire home.

Better Filtration

Portable filters only filter the air in one room. This can often have a minimal impact on improving the indoor air quality inside your home. Conversely, a central filtration system filters the air in your home as many times as the AC turns that air. This increases the likelihood that most contaminants will be extracted from the air that your family members breathe while they are at home.

Improved System Life

Another key benefit that you can enjoy when you install a whole-house air filtration system is the increase in the service life of the components of that air conditioning system.  Equipment life is often shortened when debris is sucked into the ducts circulating conditioned air in the home. That debris eventually ends up in sensitive components of the system, such as the compressor. Those components can eventually fail if they keep working harder in order to overcome the resistance created by the debris. You will therefore end up incurring higher energy costs in addition to buying replacement parts for the AC more frequently than you would have had to if you had a whole-house filtration system in place.

As you can see, you can reap several benefits when you switch from using portable air filters to central or whole-house air filtration systems. You should therefore talk to your AC unit supplier so that an appropriate whole-house filter can be recommended for you.