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How to avoid electrical fires

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It is hard to imagine what life was like before electricity, almost of the things you do today require electric power. Electricity is also known to cause fires. Most electrical fires can be prevented if you get an electrician who has experience in household electrical services to do maintenance on your wiring.

Signs that you need electrical services

There are a few signs that should prompt you to call an electrician, they include;

Burning odor or smoke

This is a sign of heating of the wires. When wires overheat, they melt the cable which produces a bad burning smell and sometimes smoke. Have power to your house turned off and get an electrician before you start using electricity again. Hot wires are often caused by overloading by appliances or power surges.

Hot outlets

If the electrical outlets feel hot, they are a potential cause of fire. They could be overloaded or faulty and need to be replaced. Either way, it is wise to stop using them until an electrician has diagnosed the problem and solved it.

Flickering lights

Flickering lights and overheating lightbulbs are another sign of trouble that you should be aware of. When you notice them, it is important to call an electrician before the problem escalates. Make sure the bulbs you use have the right wattage. Flickering lights are often a result of overloading the circuit.

Tripping circuit breakers

If your circuit breakers are tripping every now and then it is better to have an electrician look at the problem. Rewiring might need to be done if the problem is with the wiring.

Safety precautions

However, prevention is better than cure and here are some measures you should take to minimize the chances of an electrical fire, they include;

Get a surge protector

Surge protectors are useful especially if lightning strikes the power lines. The excess power can overwhelm your circuits and destroy electrical appliances. It can even lead to a fire. A surge protector for the whole house can help prevent this.

Have your wiring inspected

It is good to have an electrician inspect your home when you move in. If the house was built long ago the wiring might not be able to withstand the number of appliances you have in your house. The old wiring which is not compliant with current standards has to be replaced.

Arrange your house well

It is not a good idea to have extension cables running beneath your sofa or carpet, these are items which can easily catch fire. Also, plug appliances into the outlet as much as possible rather than into extensions.