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4 Questions to Ask Before Contracting Sheet Metal Fabricators

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Are you setting up your own HVAC installation company? Read on and discover some of the key questions that you should ask in order to identify the best fabricators for the materials that you will be using during HVAC system installation work.

How Flexible Are You With Materials?

HVAC system designs may specify materials, such as aluminium sheets, that meet specific quality standards. However, the exact material in that specification may not be readily available. Sourcing for it can therefore delay how soon an order can be completed. The best sheet metal fabricators have the ability to suggest alternative materials that can meet, or even exceed the design specifications. This flexibility can allow your order to be completed quickly so that you complete your installation job on schedule.

What Quality System Do You Follow?

You should pay special attention to the effort that fabricators invest in ensuring that their products meet acceptable quality standards. Ask the people competing for your business to explain what processes they implement in order to provide quality assurance. Select a sheet metal fabricator who demonstrates that he or she documents all fabrication processes/tests that ensure that each product meets industry standards before it is shipped to a client. Such a fabricator will make for you products that will perform to the expectation of your clients. 

What Modern Technology Do You Use?

Advanced technology is very important for several reasons. First, modern tools reduce the production time that is required to complete an order. This is because advanced equipment can be programmed to work throughout the day and the night. Secondly, advanced tools decrease the likelihood that products will deviate from the design specifications. Thus, you are likely to receive quality parts that will not fail prematurely due to errors in the production process. It is therefore helpful for you to select a fabricator who has modern equipment, such as laser cutters.

How Is Shipping Handled?

The components that are used in the HVAC industry can often have irregular shapes and sizes. It therefore helps to have a fabricator who gives clients shipping options that can be used to deliver such specialty products. For example, the best fabricators can have returnable shipping containers that are designed to deliver components with irregular dimensions.

Your new HVAC installation business will be off to a good start if you select a fabricator who meets the criteria outlined in the discussion above. Consult experienced fabricators for additional tips about the other factors that you should pay attention to while searching for someone to handle your fabrication orders.